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Cloud Security Consulting & Penetration Testing

Semtex Security is an independent AWS security consulting firm that specializes in performing penetration tests against your AWS cloud infrastructure. Our professionals can help you find the misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that can lead to data leakage or a full compromise of your AWS environment. Enabling you to have a better understanding of your companies security posture in the cloud.

Assessment Services

Semtex professionals use a combination of expertise and intelligence to independently audit and evaluate your entire cloud infrastructure to determine what your risks are, help you understand how to protect your business assets from attackers, and what resources you need to quickly identify and respond to security threats.

Our services go beyond basic automated scanning. We aim to identify vulnerabilities through auditing your AWS infrastructure. The depth of these services helps eliminate misconfigurations and security holes commonly found in AWS cloud enviroments which can give you a more precise understanding of the real security posture of your cloud infrastructure. In the end giving you a clear blueprint for refined cloud security.

  • AWS Penetration Testing & Security Consulting
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
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Cloud Security

Amazon Web Services

"The biggest security risks with AWS, especially for small businesses, is a lack of understanding where security responsibilities begin and end with the provider." Ahmed Abdalla principal technologist at ADAPTURE. While AWS manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibilty of the customer. Customers retain control of what security they choose to implement to protect their own content, platform, applications, systems and networks, no differently than they would in an on-site datacenter. Amazon Web Services is secure in nature yet common misconfigurations can lead to data leakage and compromise of your companies virtual private cloud. Having an independent AWS security professional test your cloud infrastructure can help reveal these gaps in security and provide your company with an extra layer of assurence.

Web Application Security

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing goes hand in hand with with doing security audits on cloud enviroments. Many large and small companies host their web applications on AWS or a similar cloud provider. What they sometimes fail to realize is a vulnerability in a public facing website can lead to full compromise of their cloud enviroment. Vulnerabilities such as SSRF, XXE, OS injection, SQL injection and LFI just to name a few can seriously put your cloud enviroment at risk. Having our professionals thoroughly test your web applications is a must to secure your cloud infrastucture.


AWS Certified

We at Semtex Security pride ourselfs in our AWS education. When selecting a security consultant or penetration tester it's important to know that they are certified security professionals. Semtex Security consultants hold many AWS certificates and are always striving to further their AWS knowledge. If you have any AWS inqueries or questions please feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help.

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